3-2. Out of forest area

14. Integrated approach for nationwide dissemination of community forestry in Kenya -Synergy of hands-on training and technical development through trial silviculture at pilot forest –

1. Approach’s Outline and Features This approach focuses on the introduction and dissemination of community forestry, which is a method of supplying timber for local consumption through silvicultural practices that take place at community grassroots level. A series of training sessions to trainers and encouraging interaction between those involved in technical development for community forestry can help disseminate the relevant practices nationwide, to secure sustainable forest resources and pre...
3-4. Industrial plantation area

18. Strengthening capacity on tree breeding techniques for drought-tolerant and good growth trees and promoting commercial forestry

1. Approach’s Outline and Features Experts explaining grafting techniques(Source: JICA Website) This approach focuses on the breeding of Melia Volkensii, a fast-growing indigenous tree, resistant to drought, on arid and semi-arid land.The timber produced from Melia Vokensii is hard and high quality. Thanks to tree breeding, the offspring generation of selected plus trees with superior phenotypes for growth, form, wood quality or other desired characteristics, are said to have a 14% higher stem v...
4-2. Securing funding

30. Support for Access to Finance through Guiding, Facilitating and Matching Assistance under a Regional Cooperation Framework

-African Initiative for Combating Desertification - 1. Approach’s Outline and Feature This approach involves supporting concerned countries for access to finance by guiding, facilitating and matching assistance but not direct financing under a regional cooperation framework. The approach was organized through trial and error within the framework of the African Initiative for Combating Desertification to Strengthen Resilience to Climate Change in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa (AI-CD), in which...