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Developing practical forest conservation and management plans with the participation of local residents


REDD+ Initiative through multisectoral collaboration

Building and operating a sub-national forest monitoring system


Establishing a national forest inventory

SFM using a forest early warning system

Sustainable forest management through community-based ecotourism

Long-rooted seedlings for arid and semi-arid restoration


Building a system to monitor logging concessions


Establishing a Forest Reference Emission Level for Policymakers

Data-driven participatory ecosystem management

Emission Reduction Activities by Improving Agricultural Production Methods with the Participation of Local Residents

Natural resource management in partnership with indigenous people


Institutionally consolidating the Participatory Forest Management (PFM) body

Challenge to sustainable forest management through participatory forest management

Next-generation Sustainable Land Management Framework that integrates soil-erosion prevention work, land productivity and local communities’ livelihoods

Creation of a system of natural resource management linked to markets and business and involving the participation of local residents

Dissemination of agricultural and forest conservation practices through Farmer Field Schools (FFS) in areas of soil erosion and low agricultural productivity


An effective business model that ensures both the sustainable procurement of wood and sustainable forest conservation

Deployment of unused resources through Japan’s machinery technology curbs deforestation and new industries create jobs.


Development of nursery and afforestation techniques and long-term, continuous training and workshops for various stakeholders

Strengthening capacity on tree breeding techniques for drought-tolerant and good growth trees and promoting commercial forestry

Support for Access to Finance through Guiding, Facilitating and Matching Assistance under a Regional Cooperation Framework


Countermeasures for soil degradation in arid and semi-arid regions

Participatory wetland management improvement through income sources diversification

Support for Access to Finance through Guiding, Facilitating and Matching Assistance under a Regional Cooperation Framework


Integrated management of forest reserve and buffer zone in collaboration with local residents


Developing an integrated wetland management plan

Burkina Faso

Promoting practical forest conservation activities with the participation of local residents


Integrated management of the reforestation approach – Combining reforestation and community development


Equal opportunity / low-input extension approach, PRRIE


Promotion of sustainable forest conservation management by restructuring “various conservation management measures” and the “process of securing funds”